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GLov's art
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Subject:My first tutorial! ^V^
Time:03:59 pm
Title: Fancy feathered wings tutorial.
Notes: A step-by-step guide to making wings like the ones in Metaphoria, which is the entry just below this one. Hope it helps/entertains somebody.


And don't bother searching through the rest of my DA account, it's all just crap, the real good stuff is here.
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Subject:high-quality wallpaper.
Time:03:09 pm
Current Mood:accomplished
Title: Metaphoria
Rating: Um, G, I guess. It's weird though.
Notes: This took me three effing days to get right, it was originally gonna have an actual background, but it was too much of a pain. That little sign down in the corner is japanese for Hannah. I'm using it as my sig from now on. Oh, and before you ask. I have no idea what it's supposed to be...or maybe I doooo....woOoOoOooo...

...*cough*Collapse )
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Subject:Doodles on crack
Time:07:49 pm
Title: Omgdoodlesoncrack.
rating: Whatever, PG for nuns making out.
Notes: I was drawing hair and expressions and...thinking about spiderman and uh, um...

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Time:04:21 pm
Current Mood:amusedBetter than before
Title: No sleep for Shika
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG, probably. For suggestion of possible previous underage activities, shirtlessness (and maybe pantslessness, if you've got an over-active imagination) and boycuddlin'.
Notes: I just watched the saddest episode of Naruto I've ever seen, it made me cry for like, an hour (you can find more rant-y-ness about it in my journal, gothic_lovely) And when I'm sad, I draw. So there it is.

I'm very happy I finally drew these two. ^^Collapse )
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Subject:Portrait of x___stfu
Time:03:52 pm
Current Mood:crappycrappy
Title: X___stfu
Rating: G
Notes: Um...Because she gave me Hyde/Kelso icons, and because I was bored, and because she's rather fun to get comments from. *shrug* I did this freakin' picture you see below. Surprisingly enough, I didn't really half-ass as much as I thought I would, I half-assed the background and hair and shirt. But the skin and features are pretty good.

Those lips things look hella painful...Collapse )
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Subject:Portrait of timidtyrant
Time:08:17 pm
Title: Timid Tyrant
Rating: Totally G, man.
Notes: timidtyrant totally saved my ass and put her time into helping me with a problem that didn't really concern her, I was a dunce too so her patience was really appreciated. So, as a gift, I drew this for her, with is an arty version of a photo of her which you can find here...or maybe it's friendslocked, I dunno. Anyway, this took me about four hours to get right, and was a lot of fun because I'm not very good at painting and this was good practice.

-A token of my thanks...Collapse )
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Subject:My very first Shikamaru art!
Time:10:02 pm
Current Mood:accomplished
Title: Me and my shadow
Rating: Um...PG for bare chest and slight glockage...
Notes: Even if you don't know the character, this is still a fun I pic, I hope. It took a helluva while to get right, and I kept having to redo it after I'd saved it because I'd find things wrong with it. XD It's Shikamaru, chillin'. I LOVE HIM! He's my favorite character in all of Naruto. ^^

Shiiikaaaa...CHUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! =>.<= *Gets electrocuted*Collapse )
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Subject:Sirius and Remus
Time:03:15 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
Title: Sirius and Remus
Raitng: G
Nots: This was done for xyralla because she's cool and comments on my stuff. Remus looks totally out of wack and not at all like I picture him in my head, if I could change the hair it would be better, but I can't because it's posessed and every hair I tried besides this ended up looking like dogcrap. anyway...

Bring on teh boys...Collapse )
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Time:08:33 pm
Title: Fred by the water
Rating: Um...PG for nekkid chest and smoking?
Notes: I drew this for Brianna, my hot pool-shark luver, as a congratulatory gift for winning a game of pool against her dad. This is Fred (who she loves) Chillin' by the lake on a cloudy day in short-shorts and legwarmers, smokin' a cigarette. (Which I am NOT endorsing, btw XP)

Hotnessshhhh...Collapse )
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Subject:Shoe CD cover art.
Time:04:28 pm
Title: Foot Fodder
Rating: G
Notes: If I ever made a punk band (Which I'm never gonna) this would be our debuet CD cover. The socks are drawn from socks I had lying around in my room, and the converse is based of a picture of one I found somewheres. Pay no attention to the fancy text, this is all about the art. 8B

Trying out new styles of art is funCollapse )
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GLov's art
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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